"When it's Hot! Hot! Hot! Make your own refreshing handcrafted cold coffee beverage

"When it's hot! hot! hot! When the weather outside is beautifully warm. Cool it down! Joyfully create your own handcrafted refreshing beverages with our medium roast coffee.

You are probably thinking we are talking about cold brew. Well, it is the craze these days.? What is cold brew?  Cold brew is a process to extract the bitter acidity from coffee while leaving you the true deliciousness, true integrity of the coffee.  The process, whether you use a professional home system such as Toddy, or your own brewing method takes about 12 hours.

If you do not have a brewing method or the time, tell you a "hot secret", the best cold refreshing brew starts with a quality coffee bean.  Don't throw that left over coffee made with quality beans down the drain, have iced coffee instead. How about a single glass just for you!  See our recipe below:

Iced Coffee 16oz serving

3oz medium roast coffee (Deep Down Joy or Joy in the House Blend)

1oz caramel sauce

1oz chocolate sauce

1oz English Toffee

Add caramel, chocolate and toffee to a 16oz glass with coffee

Stir and mix well

Fill with 10oz of milk (your choice of milk)

Fill the remainder with ice and enJOY!

 * If you prefer brewing, joyfully check out our Cold Brew Coffee for Toddy or your home method.