About Us

Thank you for stopping by to learn a little bit about us.   We launched Joyin Enterprises, LLC, Joy in Coffee Cafe in 2017 with a goal to offer premium, quality Fair Trade Organic Coffee. With our award-winning coffee roaster, we have done just that!  We offer authentic, handcrafted coffee and loose leaf tea sachets.  Simply put, it is about more than the coffee or tea.  Our calling is to inspire and to encourage joy within the communities we serve.

How did we get started?  Our founder, Donna Taylor, spent extensive number of years working for a leading global coffee company in marketing/sales.  She witnessed the evolution of premium blend coffees to specialty with greater understanding of the bean to cup journey.  She often says, "the integrity of a great-tasting cup of coffee should be maintained and enjoyed with joy, because joy is more than happiness."

Our first location was in Pittsburgh, PA, a brick and mortar cafe, integrated with delicious food and pastries.  Being transparent, we are giving ourselves another jump start, or should we say, "JOY START!".  Moreover,  we are driven by our Tenets of Joy:

1.  PreneurOfFAITH Entrepreneurship

2.  Economic Legacy

3.  Blessed to Bless-10% Commit

4.  Community Empowerment

  PreneurOfFAITH Entrepreneurship

It began with the understanding of our calling within the marketplace. It is by FAITH that we are able to do all that is expected of us beyond a great cup of coffee, tea, or any of our product offerings.

Economic Legacy

As ageless as the coffee we offer, our goal is to to develop and implement a go-to-market strategy to drive profitable, sustainable entities led by future PreneurOfFaith Entrepreneurs.

Blessed to Bless-10% Commit

With our calling, we are thankful to be blessed and expect to bless others.  We look forward to the partnerships we will form to allow us to serve in a more targeted capacity to spread the joy.

Community Empowerment

 Our reach provides the opportunity to strengthen local, national and international communities through the joy inspired and encouraged ....one cup at a time.

To guide our profitable bottom line, financial and social, we, Joyin Enterprises LLC, Joy In Coffee Cafe, do know :  "for the Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in  the Holy Spirit." (Romans:  14:17)